About Utility Products and Testing

Utility Products & Testing is the oldest independent laboratory located in the state of Arizona. We specialize in testing protective equipment used by electrical contractors both locally and across the entire United States. Safety is a top priority at UPT, and we will always take the necessary steps to properly verify the equipment you bring in is fully capable of protecting you or your work force. Our large inventory of the latest models of gloves, blankets, sleeves, and other equipment allows us to quickly and easily replace any items that may fail to meet or exceed testing standards. Service is a focal point of operations at UPT. We’ll always do our best to earn and keep your business by providing knowledgeable answers, quick turnaround time, and a friendly yet professional environment.

Current Technology

UPT uses the latest in technology for our testing equipment and procedures that is available in today’s market. Housed in a climate controlled environment, our glove testing hardware is built, certified, and maintained by Hanco (Hannon electric). By testing with Alternating Current (AC) voltage, your insulated equipment is tested for strength against the exact same type of current that workers will be facing in the field.

Regulatory Standards

OSHA regulates (see here) the requirements for specific types of electrical protective equipment used by persons working on or near energized circuits and/or other electrical sources that are considered either high or low-voltage applications. The types of protective equipment that fall under this category (1910.137) include but are not limited to rubber insulating blankets, rubber gloves, rubber insulating matting, rubber insulating covers, and rubber insulating sleeves. UPT has the experienced knowledgeable staff to ensure that we always maintain the latest testing and regulatory standards required to keep your equipment in compliance with both OSHA and ASTM requirements.

1 - 5 Day Lead Time

Visit UPT in Tempe, Arizona – or Ship your items to be tested directly to us!

With an industry leading turnaround time of 1 – 5 business days, UPT is the right choice to get your equipment tested, inspected, and returned in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on top-notch service, and our quick turnaround time helps make sure your equipment has the least amount of downtime as possible.

Utility Product Testing Services We Provide

  • Class 4 (40,000 Volts) and Lower Glove Testing

  • Class 4 (40,000 Volts) and Lower Blanket Testing

  • Up to 100 cal Fire-Resistant Clothing Washing

  • Repair of Double Braided Rope Eyes (1/2" and up)

  • 5 Day Turnaround on Product Testing

  • Product Testing for Contractors

  • Product Testing for Electricians

Contact UPT

210 S. Smith Rd., Suite #109
Tempe, AZ, 85281
Mon-Fri: 7am - 5pm