Electrical Testing Services

OSHA & ASTM regulations dictate that personal protective equipment (PPE) for high voltage applications, such as insulated gloves, should be tested at least once every 180 days. The same ASTM regulations call for insulated blankets and sleeves to be tested once per year. These testing procedures are required regardless of whether or not the insulating rubber gear has been used and/or issued for service. UPT’s experienced and knowledgeable technicians thoroughly inspect and test your electrical equipment to ensure your systems comply with the latest ASTM and OSHA regulations. We are the only public accessible electrical testing laboratory in the state of Arizona!

Laboratory Testing Services

Insulating gloves, sleeves, and blankets are critical protective equipment for electrical work on or near live exposed energized parts and equipment. We provide Class 4 (40,000 Volts) and lower testing to ensure your equipment meets ASTM regulatory requirements for:

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Rubber Sleeves
  • Rubber Blankets

Other Services

Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing & Garment washing

People who work in hazardous environments that may involve direct handling or close proximity of hazards such as electric arc, combustible dust explosion, and any work performed on energized electrical equipment should be wearing FRC (Flame Resistant Clothing). A critical component to maintaining these garments is a professional industrial laundry service provided by reputable and knowledge organizations like UPT. We use our in-house industrial laundering methods to ensure that ALL potentially flammable materials and soils that may build-up on the surface of these safety garments are properly removed while still maintaining the integrity of the FR materials.

Repair Pull Eyes on Double Braided Polyester Rope

Double braided polyester rope is the standard industry recommended rope for heavy utility conduit pulls, particularly where multiple cables are being installed and/or the conduit has multiple 90 degree angles between ends. Consistent use or over extending the maximum breaking strength of the rope can lead to frayed, torn, or damaged eye loops. These broken ropes can be repaired by UPT, giving the rope a new eye and extending the overall life. UPT is the only publicly accessible repair shop in Arizona that repairs double braided rope.

Utility Product Testing Services We Provide

  • Class 4 (40,000 Volts) and Lower Glove Testing

  • Class 4 (40,000 Volts) and Lower Blanket Testing

  • Up to 100 cal Fire-Resistant Clothing Washing

  • Repair of Double Braided Rope Eyes (1/2" and up)

  • 5 Day Turnaround on Product Testing

  • Product Testing for Contractors

  • Product Testing for Electricians

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